he Hanseatic League was born from the love of history mixed with a desire to instruct and entertain others. We are based on the historic (and first) merchant guild that formed in the German city-states of the medieval age and endured until the final office closed in the 1800's. This collaboration of merchants, the Hanseatic League was a power in Northern Europe, and hence much of the world, beginning in the 13th century and lasting until the 17th century when their power began to wane. Our group portrays a small travelling caravan recently returned from a long trip abroad and laden with the exotic goods gathered on the journey. The encampment experianced at the renaissance faire is at once our office, selling booth, warehouse and home.

Our characters strive to be historically plausible and are as diverse as the people portraying them. Having just returned from Istanbul (by way of Moscow), the Voss Kontor caravan is very glad to be in England once more. Even gladder they are to have ships to bursting with spices, silks, and other trade goods. In addition to the merchants who make up the core of the caravan, other members might be protraying mercenaries, kitchen wenches, blacksmiths, cooks, pilgrims, doctors, herbalists, entertainers, or anyone else that may have found a reason to travel with the caravan.

After years of performing at the Florida Renaissance Fair in South Florida, a member of the Hanseatic League was relocated to North Carolina and brought with her, not only her love of performing at fair and of the history involved, but the medium with which to share that history with others. The Voss Kontor, North Carolina chapter, of the League has performed at the North Carolina Renaissance Fair, the Fort Bragg Renaissance Fair and the Carolina Renaissance Festival.